Terms of Use


This Qshort allow publishers to shorten any URL and earn income by sharing the shortened URL. Advertising is shown to the viewer on their because of their destination URL. By using the Site's service, you agree that the location includes advertisements on the shortened URLs which may be a requirement for the location to work .
By using the QShort's service, you agree not to:
1. Shrink any website URLs that contain adult material.
2. Put shortened links on websites containing content which can be threatening, harassing, defamatory, obscene, contain any viruses, Trojan horses, worms, time bombs, cancelbots or contain software which may cause damage to the viewer or the Site's server;
3. Short URLs which redirect to websites containing the above mentioned content;
4. Use the Service for any illegal or unauthorized purpose including but not limited to copyright content, adult links, child pornography , threatening, defaming, stalking, abuse, harassing or violating any person's or entity's legal rights;
5. Offer an incentive or beg a visitor to click on your shortened links;
6. Spam any website, forum or blog with the Site's links;
7. Bring fake/automated traffic of any kind to your links. This will get your account terminated automatically by our system. Manipulation of our system to realize views is additionally not allowed. This includes iframes, redirects, bots, proxies, traffic exchange, Email traffic, Faucet traffic, PTC traffic, hitleap, jingling, etc. ;
8. Automatically redirect to your shortened URL from an internet site . The viewer must click on the link him/herself;
9. Open your shortened URLs using an iframe or popups/popunder;
10. Click on your own shortened URLS to get revenue. We reserve the proper to not buy the revenue generated;
11. Use of third party tools between GP links e.g. :- 1shortlink.com, Link Spy... use of these are strongly prohibited
 Creating 'redirect loops' with Qshort.info URLs with similar services to generate additional revenue.
13. Interfere with other publishers which are using the Site's service;
14. Create multiple accounts. Only one account per person is allowed;
15. Abuse from the contact system like sending messages regarding payments before due dates, threatening to vary service and/or providing false or incomplete data.
16. Advertise Qshort.info on traffic exchange websites and PTC websites;
17. You are not allow to create multiple account under your own referral URL and use this accounts to generate referral commission for your top Account
18. If your account is inactive for last 6 months the account will get closed automatically since it's inactive.
19. Miss Category violation on GP Platforms Content Category Policy rules UPDATED on Dashboards, violation may lead for your account holds and permanent termination also .
Qshort, EARN Load = All content except 18+ (not allowed)

Only Valid / Unique Clicks Will Be Count for,

Some Points in Valid Clicks-

1) Click Should be unique - Unique visitor in 24 hrs.
2) Click should be completed Correctly, Done.
3) Valid Clicks will take Only 5 Minute to feature in your dashboard with Earnings,
Invalid Clicks-
1) Self Clicks - if you click yourself on Link that you shorten then this click will be counted as Invalid click,
2) Unique Click - If your click isn't unique then this click also will invalid click,
3) Incomplete Click - Note that our link has total 2 page of Qshort and other one is Your Main Link, So visitor must drive through all this pages otherwise the click will be invalid,
4) Social Traffic - If your click comes from Social media Like as Facebook.com.
For more information please drop mail at - Qshort.info@gmail.com