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Improve Your Thinking

In our daily lifestyle if we become failed and some of us unable to control this mental pressure. Actually, we just think that we failed but what is working behind it, we never went to find it. If we compare our life with a travelling car then we will understand, that car may get any obstacle in its journey.  But the diver knows the destination and tried his or her destiny. Somehow the diver removes that and started again. Our mind can be compared with the driver and the body can be compared with the car. If we set any decision for the future then we must strictly determine for achieving the goal. Otherwise, one will suffer to think that he or she fails. Whatever the hinder is one must remember that “Failure is the pillar of success”. If one thinks positively then he or she is more capable of winning this race. So, it is need to know what should need to do to control ones mind in such critical situation. So, let’s start it with different environment.

Case 1: Family Life

A human starts life with the family where elders teach them from the childhood. As we all stay family, sometime we may face conflicts in one opinion or one decision. But elder say anything for us that must be for the betterment but that not may be like our planning. So, we should not argument for that matter in that moment. It is better way to make them understand that what is the person’s planning, how the person is thinking, what is the better future of that planning and to give then the surety that the person will try the best for it. This is the way to convene the family. One must stay beside in any difficult time of family and must think that it is own family. Need to take the responsibility.  Need to make better mutual understanding with the all member of the family.
Case 2: Professional Life

Besides our family life we have to maintain professional life. A person has to work 5-7 hours at that working place. So, it is important to maintain better mutual relation with collogue. For a better professional life there is no alternative of improved behavior. As one has to deal with head officer, with clients, convince others, attain meetings and so many works. So, if one faces any conflict then it must be handled simply as much as possible. If one takes any decision when he or she is anxious about any thing then the decision will be wrong and one has to suffer later. Skill, experience and how much one experts it is the main matter to show in the professional life. Argument is not the solution. 

Case 3: Friend Circle

Life is nothing without friends. A person always wants to make friends to share his or her happiness, pain, achievement with that friend. Friend is a relationship which has to achieve. It is must to be loyal and truthful with friends. It is normal to have argument with a friend even best friend but it is the better way not to talk after that or to avoid the friend. Because it will demolish the relationship only nothing will be gained. Sorry must be said from the both of the side without any thinking. A friend must be supportive. Whatever the situation is a friend must stay beside. A person is always preferred a sharing friend who will share the matter of his or her life. In a relationship both must be maintain the sacrificed mentality. If one fails it is the responsibly of the friend to help him or her think positively for the next.

Case 4: Academic life

We have to go though our academic life for the acknowledgement and future carrier. In this time one may face several obstacles. This can make his or her life more painful and get frustrated. A low score in the result board will never set the whole life. It is matter of more motivation. So, think positively, find out the faults, find out the reason behinds the failure. Make sure that you will not do that kind of foolish think again. There is well said " Failure is the pillar of success" and it is true. Don't take the failure negatively. Think that failure is indicating the hinder of your success. Find out that hinder and let's move more positively. Life will be more hazardous if one doesn’t think positively because that will demotivate to study on that topic and it will cause another failure. A positive thinker can win this kind of unstable situation of life.

Positive thinking has some advantages like a positive thinker stay away from frustration and that is good for mental and physical heath, a positive thinker can achieve an improved lifestyle. Again, A positive thinker can avoid several diseases, capability of stress management and can achieve the goal easily. On the other hand, negative thinker has to face heart disease, cancer, respiratory problem and so on. If one face more contradiction to think positive then it is necessary to visit psychologist as soon as possible.

At the conclusion, it is clear that how much it is necessary in life. For a better and successful life, one must think positively in his or her bad time. There is so many examples in the history who achieve success after several failure. It is not impossible because they are capable of thinking positively whatever the situation is. For a better family life, professional life, academic life and for friendship, there is no alternative of optimistic mind. So, let’s think positively and start a better life for future.

Published on: 7/27/20, 3:21 PM