Life with Technology

Life with Technology

History says that only at the early age of human generation, they used to sound to indicate feelings or for mutual commutation. After that Pigeon was used with letter to send any message. What about today? We just drop text to the destination and there are several ways to easily send it. We need not to waste time and we never think about the security of confidential messages. Yes, there is huge revolutionary change in our lifestyle which is only possible for improvement of technology. Human beings are intelligent enough and they show how to initiate the progress. Without technology our life is just as previous. So, it is important to know what is actually technology means, what are the main ingredients of technology, what are the blessings and how to use it in correct way and details will be covered in this writing. As we are living with the blessings of technology so it is important to know how to operate it to reduce the disadvantages. 


Technology is a scientific application which is connected with engineering, machine, computer, cloud computing, energy, power sector and other things. It is not built up in one day. Technology is the combination of so many efforts, skills and intelligent of some people. 

Ingredient of Technology:

A simple mobile phone (not android one) to first computer in history all those were built up with semiconductor. May be many of us have no idea of it. It a material which is in the middle of metal and non-metal. It is constructed by strictly doping n-type or p-type material. Developing semiconductor sector helps much for improvement of feature, storage system and it’s availability. Technology improved rapidly and improved several features of every creations like mobile, computer, software, application, electronics machines and others. For the development of technology power and engineering technical knowledge is must. We are using the blessings of technology so easily but behind this so many scientists and engineers are working hard for it. They make it cheap so that technology became available for all class of people.

Blessings of Technology:

From the household work to industrial machinery all depends on technology because technology make the work easier, less time consuming and more profitable. The whole advance world is using the technology. Some best use of technology:

  1. Communication sector:

Mail, message, phone call, video call, video conference, virtual classroom there are so many ways for communication. Again, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Whats up, and others social media are available for virtual communication. These are cheap and easy to use. On the other hand, these save time and helps to go with advance world.

  1. Office Productivity:

Processing of words, spreadsheets, presentations and other office productivity are now software based. This helps to save time and increase productivity. When an industry is able to increase the productivity, it can ensure better profit. Again, technology helps to less involvement of man power.

  1. Storing Information:

Past invented computer and mobile are always suffered from storage problem. Through the technology megabyte, gigabyte, terabyte, petabyte is available to store information in virtual cloud. Again, one can store it with full of security.

  1. Searching Tool:

Before the invention of google platform searching was a big problem.  One has to go to collect the information to the particular place. Technology sets great tool for searching any word or any information. Within a few moments one can search through internet from the any corner of the world.

  1. Cloud Computing:

This is related to mobile phones, tablets, laptops and other devices. Cloud computing allows any user to store the data and applications on a cloud server.

  1. Artificial intelligent:

Drones, robotics are the best example for AI. Now several social media apps and different machine use the AI technology for better prediction. Medical system also trying hard for the perfect use of AI for finding disease.

  1. Virtual Job:

Now a days one can do work from the home if he or she has computer or mobile. Software base work and different freelancing work is now very popular. This is also secure way to do job. These is so many facilities like one can do the work as he or she wish, one can do work through budgeting, one can do work without maintaining the perfect time.

  1. Online Banking and Money Transfer:

Now there is secure way for mobile banking and it is much secure than carrying cash. Again, electricity bill, school fee and sending money to others are really possible with virtual technology.

How to use technology in a perfect way:

As blessings have some disadvantage so it is important to know the secure way to use it. Firstly, before getting involved with any technology it is must to know the background correctly. Secondly, one must maintain the terms and policy of internet or any kind of technology. Thirdly, incase of freelancing job must select a secure website or company to work with so that there is no necessity to face harassment for payment. Fourthly, before creating mobile banking account needs to know about that company how much reliable.


Behind the huge change of lifestyle of human being technology has great impact. Air cooler, washing machine, electrical heater to industry 4.0 in all case, technology is fully involved. Technology makes our life more comfortable, easier. Technology is really a blessing but it also has some disadvantage. Some frauds are involved to make people fool through internet or mobile. They are blackmailing in different way like calling people for money, harassing in social media, making fake identity, hacking others account and so on. So, one must be careful before using the technology. Because our awareness can make more secure our life journey with technology.   

Published on: 7/26/20, 5:30 PM