Importance OF Ethics

Importance OF Ethics

Ethics is not only a word only it contains heavy weight in a life. Ethics means morality, righteousness and authentication. A person from childhood started to learn it from book. Teachers are used to teach them how much importance carries this “ethics” word in a life. Religious view also says to select the path of truth. Then why corruption, Treason Felony and other illegal work exist – this question arises into mind. “Ethics” is not the word to learn only, it is the word to apply in the practical life. The total discussion of writing is what is ethics, what is the opposite of it, the effect of illegal work and how ethics is important in different part of life. So, let’s initiate it.


Ethics is the knowledge to be lean. It is a knowledge of morality, truthfulness and to avoid the illegal work. It is momentous for personal life, social life, a good citizen, virtual and social media.

Idea of Antithetical Work:

The opposition of all ethics idea are known as opposite of ethical or antithetical work. Any kind of corruption, any work against law, any work which breaks the rule or deal, spreading false information, cheat on any person or organization, illegal work against own country, unfair any work through internet and so on are included in this part.

Effect of Illegal Conduct:

The countries all over the world contains certain rules and laws for creating the ultimate nation. There is particular rule for breaking the law of nation. That punishment must be taken for that rustler. In fact, any organization, office, project company also maintain this policy. They create rules for working employee so that they can maintain the fixed rules for everyone. Now a days there is no one who doesn’t use internet. For this cloud computation exist terms and policy. For malicious hacker and information thief, organization have exact provision so that they can prevent illegal work in cloud computing or virtual world.

Effect of Ethics in Personal Life:

A person learns it from his or her childhood from elders. In that case family is the preface of it. Family helps to teach children what is right and what is wrong in meaning. Then teachers are the builders of nation, they spread the ethical knowledge. But sometime situation may create the environment to influence to break the rules and a person walk in the wrong path. Person forgets about ethics and start illegal work. A truthful person is an ideal for others, he or she keeps the right knowledge of ethics and apply it into life. Poverty, to reach at high position, to make more money and for bad habit anyone do work against ethics in most of the cases. A child who is deprived of family, food, proper right, that child doesn’t have the light of knowledge and do the illegal work after growing up. A person who maintain ethics knowledge gets respect from society and nation, he or she can be rewarded for good work. On the other hand, who doesn’t maintain it he or she has to face the punishment for own conduction and ignored by the society. This kind of personality never shines in life. But a person who maintain the right and truthful path gets a better professional life. That mean ethics has great impact on a person’s life.

Effect of Ethics in Social Life:

An ethical personality is an asset for society. Human is a social being. So, for the improvement of the society needs to improve the mentality of social beings. Ethics is such kind of brightness which can remove the darkness inside the mind. Ethics is an ingredient for building a model of society. Each and every person of a society can live happily if most of the person do ethical work. They can able to make a secure society for future.

Effect of Ethics in National Life:

A person loves his or her country from the heart. An individual person has responsibility for building a nation which is not possible without the knowledge of ethics. Each and every ethical person are greatest asset for nation. They never betray with own country. They hold a role for progressing a county, a nation.

Cyber Ethics/Internet Ethics:

Most of us may doesn’t have proper knowledge of Cyber Ethics. It is important for any computer, internet user. Cyber law is stand for protecting the policy of computer and internet organization. Again, for internet user there is defined rules for maintaining the morality. Torrenting copyright material, trolling in online community, cyberbullying via social network, recording calls, creating fake identity, using others online work, downloading illegal image, video and so on are known as cybercrime.

If a person thinks that he or she is capable of doing illegal work or disturbing or blackmailing other person then that person is absolutely wrong because if the internet organization gives the right to use it then they must make proper policy to find the culprit to keep the reputation. So, it is better to use it correctly.


At the end of the elaboration it is cleared that ethics is not only the word of philosophy but also a meaningful term. It creates great significant on practical life of individual person, society, nation and virtual life. A religious view also says to select a path of truth. From all point of view, there is no alternatives of growing ethical knowledge inside a person. This knowledge helps to create a secure world. For a perfect, happy life the is no other way to avoid ethical wisdom. Also, for development of country, ethics has great impact.


Published on: 6/17/20, 4:15 PM